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Open Space Dialogues: Healthy City, Active Places

There are so many reasons why New York City neighborhoods need parks and open spaces. They mitigate stormwater. They provide habitat for animals and plants. They make our city more beautiful and more practical. And they keep us healthy, both mentally and physically. But making sure that parks are havens for active uses and physical recreation isn't easy. This installment of the Open Space Dialogues explores the ways New Yorkers have, and want to, create opportunities for active recreation and health. Panelists will present and respond to examples from New York City's government, citywide nonprofits, and neighborhood groups.

  • How can parks contribute to different scales of health - mental, physical, neighborhood, public health?

  • What park designs and programming prevents or catalyzes active recreation?

  • How can parks balance changing user groups, sports popularity, and informal recreation demand?

  • What are neighborhood knock-on effects for parks with an active recreation & health focus?

  • Where are recreation needs of New Yorkers not being met?

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Brownsville Royal Run


We Run Brownsville is proud and excited to announce the Brownsville Royal Run event. The Brownsville Royal Run (BRR), a two-mile fun run through the heart of Brownsville, will further our work to push back against a negative external narrative while celebrating the spirit of Brownsville in a way that centers community, belonging and joy.

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